List Moderation on the Green National Committee

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Context - GNC Censored Post
Describing how posts to a deliberative body came to be censored

The Green National Committee operates two email list serves for the conduct of party business.  Its votes list and an online voting application serve as the principal means by which the GNC virtually conducts its business.  Many have over the years commented on the declining civility on the Naional Committee since the days when its business was primarily conducted in two or three times annually in face-to-face meetiings.  GNC #186, "Proposed Listserv Protocol for Delegates Discussion and Votes Lists -- Amended", was adopted in October 2005 and observed that:

A high volume of posts, as well as the frequent personal attacks, gratuitous vulgarity and inflammatory nature of many posts on the Natlcomvotes and Natlcomaffairs list serves have contributed to alienation of and resignation by GPUS NC members. NC Delegates from many states have requested that usage guidelines be established.

Over the years, several things happened:

  • multiple attempts (GNC # 308, 413, 415, 797, 798, 901) to amend and extend to the scope of the list serve protocols failed; 
  • multiple attempts to adopt a Code of Conduct were advanced and failed to gain traction;  
  • increasing pressure was exerted that the list moderators enforce these failed Codes of Conduct in he absence of any authority to do so.

In the Spring of 2021, with delegates from muliple states having agitated that the incumbent list moderators had failed to exceed their authority under GNC #186, the Steering Committee nominated and the National Committee confirmed (GNC # 1050, 1051, 1052, 1053) the appointment of a slate for list moderators of GNC members willing to abuse their roles as moderators to enforce the cancel culture demands of some Delegates towards he end of silencing dissenting voices who opposed the expulsion of the Georgia Green Party.