LGB Greens Statement Signers

We are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) Green Party members and supporters who feel compelled to speak out against certain actions of the Lavender Caucus done in our name that threaten democracy in the Party. The Lavender Caucus (the LGBTQIA+ identity caucus registered with the Green Party) has called for the de-certification of the Georgia Green Party (see http://www.dialoguenotexpulsion.org/media) and called their fellow Greens “haters” and “bigots” solely based on the Georgia Party voting to support the Declaration for Women’s Sex-based Rights (see https://www.womensdeclaration.com/declaration-womens-sex-based-rights-full-text/.) In its campaign against the Georgia Greens, the Lavender Caucus neither represents nor speaks for us!

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and GNC Greens are a diverse group with a wide range of life experiences and many different viewpoints. The Lavender Caucus consistently bases its activities in one very narrow political perspective to which many members of our communities do not subscribe. A good number of us are feminists, and support the sex based rights of women and girls promoted in the Declaration. But regardless of our opinions, we the undersigned believe that grassroots democracy, including the right to hold dissenting views, is an important Green Party value that should be honored not just in words but in practice. We demand an end to the attack on the Georgia Party and an identity caucus that represents us all.

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Statement of LGB Greens -- the National Lavender Caucus does not speak for us

Signers updated July 20 2020, 11:30 pm (Eastern Time)

Total number of signers = 32, from 19 U.S. states and two other nations, including 11 who ask that their names not be made public. Here are the names of those who have agreed to be public:

Claudia Neely (West Virginia)

Jeanne Neath (Arkansas)

Ann Menasche (California)

an anonymous signer (New Jersey)

Rochelle Glickman (California)

Sabine Ehrenfeld (California)

Paula Mariedaughter (Arkansas)

an anonymous signer (South Australia)

an anonymous signer (Maryland)

an anonymous signer (Massachusetts)

Sally Tatnall (Ohio)

an anonymous signer (Alabama)

Anne Leighton (Illinois )

Sarah Lucia Hoagland (Illinois)

Susan Wiseheart (Missouri)

Ellen Ackerman (New Mexico)

Sky (North Carolina)

Jan Jennings (Alabama)

Lynn Hull (Illinois)

Jenna Weston (Florida)

an anonymous signer (Florida)

Romi W. Elnagar (Louisiana)

Sabine (Florida)

Jenna (Pennsylvania)

an anonymous signer (Wisconsin)

an anonymous signer (New South Wales)

an anonymous signer (California )

Ruth Stack (California)

an anonymous signer (Georgia)

Rosaire Leon (Georgia)

an anonymous signer (Texas)